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June 05, 2011


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Your Edwardian Lace Coat looks absolutely stunning. The color is wonderful.

I love argyle -- it must be preppie inside, but I have never knitted anything argyle. I may have to try the Foxy Little Argyle. It looks like it's a great project to really get a handle on how to knit argyle.

The pie you baked looks pretty good, too. I may have to bake a pie today.

Hi Mary! The Edwardian Lace Coat is stunning! Did you find a dress to wear under it in the exact color? It really looks amazing!!

Once again, I am in complete awe of your knitting abilities! Those sweaters are gorgeous and I love all the different knitting stitches - so much to learn, so little time to knit!

And the pie looks so good and the dogs are adorable. Give 'em a head rub for me!

Congratulations on another project done - it's beautiful! I truly appreciate your tutorial comments, makes me think even I could do it. Your enthusiasm for knitting is contagious. Besides new knitting projects, I'm also thinking about strawberry rhubarb pie................

Your knitting photos and how-to's are wonderful as always, Mar, but I just love the girls in motion on their walk....

Congratulations on completing your Edwardian coat, Mary. It looks fabulous. That pattern is the number one reason I bought the book and I am aching to make it, but with 15 WIPs on the needles currently, I just cannot let myself do it yet...even though I am considering frogging at least two of them.

As a consolation, I get to meet Nicky next week :-) She will be at Knitters' Connection in Columbus, Ohio and I got into the "Block Party" class that she is teaching on Thursday! Can't wait. I am planning to wear my Tuscan Sun Shawl to the event.

In each blog I am always blown away by your skills as a knitter/baker/lawyer/Mom/etc.! I am looking forward to see you steek as I have a Fair Isle project to be steeked as well. I sewed the ends in as I went along though, so I don't have as much finishing. I am also overjoyed to see that Norma has 15 WIP, I thought I was the only one with lots of WIP!

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