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September 05, 2011


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Wow. You couldn't have said it all any better than I have thought it so many times. In the beginning, our son is now 27, we didn't even have a name to put to it. Now we do! Will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. You brought me to tears for both your story and mine...

Was it "Courtship of Eddie's Father?"

Hi Mary- I think your sweater is going to be just gorgeous-your pictures give us a lot of hints. I'm looking forward to you modeling the finished piece!
And what a beautiful love letter to your son! You have every reason to be very proud of him and he has every reason to be so proud of himself! I really wish him the very best high school experience and all the success in the world. congratulation and best wishes to him!


Nathan is very lucky to have such a loving supportive mom! Coming from the other side (teacher), I've had parents who refused to be open to the possibility that their child is on the spectrum (therefore no help or services for the child even though they are obviously struggling in many ways). I have family members who treat a child with a disability vastly different (read: let them do/eat whatever they want whenever they want) than their other children, probably out of their own guilty feelings. From the sound of it, you are doing an excellent job and never stop fighting for him, especially in the schools!

Great post! Let me know when Nathan's performing - I'd love to see the group.

I saw a little Improv instruction session once, and learned three rules of Improv:
1)Always give your partner an out.
2) Always say "yes" to your partner.
3)Always make your partner look good.

I told my children to replace the word "partner" with "mother" and we'd get along just fine...

See you soon!

My first post couldn't be posted. I think it was just too long. My heart goes out to Nathan. My son-in-law and grandson are much like him.. I like your sweater and appreciate all your great tips!

Wow, Mary. Thank you for sharing Nathan's incredible story of growth, and yours along with him. Blessings to you both.
La Belle Cardigan is my 2nd favorite pattern in the book. Can't wait to see it finished.
The song is from "The Courtship of Eddie's Father."

Mary, this piece is so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on Nathan's adventures (and yours, too).


Congrats on your latest project but most importantly on Nathan's progress. I could relate to so many of your stories. My son Steve is special ed, but despite all those teachers and case managers who said he had no potential, he recently graduated from college! It wasn't easy but he did it! And in five years with a transfer from one college to another! He also just got a part time job in retail,so I am feeling espically blessed and share your joy on Nathan's wonderful progress.

I've been following your progress since the first VK mention of your undertaking and even bought Nicky's book so I could follow along. I am now knitting the Northern Lights cardigan, a year behind. Your progress is remarkable.
But I am even more impressed with Nathan's story. Every parent's heart breaks when their child struggles in some way or faces major disappointments. Thanks so much for sharing and enlightening us with your special experiences.

Mary, as an educator and mother, I am bowled over by your story of Nathan's journey. He has been so fortunate to have such a loving and supportive advocate. My wish for both of you is a very positive high school experience.

Nathan is such a lucky boy to have you, Mary.

My best to both of you!

That is a lovely story. And forget I asked - in my email - if Nathan was taller than you! I hadn't got this far in your blog when I emailed you. What a great bloke he is growing into. My #4 son also discovered Theatre when he was a miserable 15 year old (to the extent of attempting suicide) and fitted comfortably in with the often odd social misfits that the Theatre group kids were. He is now 24, and after travelling the world for a couple of years (even CATCHING A BUS from London back to Sydney via Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia!!!) is happily into Robotics and Mechatronics and finding delight in the obscure. Well done Nathan! It is a funny old world, but happily has room for all of us who see life in differently. Or different if you have a Mac...
Hugs, Jasmine in Oz

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