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October 21, 2009


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Dumb question from me - what's the difference between fair isle and intarsia knitting? I always thought they were the same....

I am in AWE of your talent! Your swatches are gorgeous! The finished garments will be just breathtaking. I'm so impressed with your organizational skills. I'm always excited when I see a new post - I get a cup of coffee and prepare to be entertained and enlightened. And I always am! Deb

Forgot to mention your vest - it's amazing. Maybe it's time I stepped up my pattern choices...Deb

Can I say that I'm relieved that the hat is on the wrong way? Something had to be wrong - it looks like she's peering out from inside a cave. And thanks for the birthday wishes.

The Queen of Intarsia

I'm with you, Queen of Intarsia. My teenage daughter and I were paging through the book and when she saw that hat she said, "That's just strange!" When I picture it the correct way, I'm much more fond of it. But as you say, Mary, a model who looks like that can pull off just about anything!

The hat mystery solved - now for the difference between Intarsia and Fair Isle. I thought they were the same too!

Fair Isle is also called "stranded knitting" because you carry all the colours along behind the knitting as you work. With Intarsia, you actually drop the colours when you switch. As I understand it (and who says I do!), Intarsia will fall apart unless you twist the two colours of yarn together at each switch. To be perfectly honest, the thought of weaving in all those ends with Intarsia makes me want to stab something, so I haven't tried it yet! But Fair Isle is easy peasy, and makes nice warm hats!

If I got something wrong, maybe the Intarsia Queen can illuminate me! ;)

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