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January 18, 2010


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congratulations you're almost done already! I love those button's they're perfect for your sweater! Lucky...I'm still looking for some. I almost bought Swarovski's but they were too pricey for me. I almost went without any beads at all but then bought some cheaper quality ones from a local bead store. As for your love of finishing, maybe you should offer your services and teach a finishing class at your LYS? Some stores offer that class but I'm sure more can use it. And by the way, Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie <3

Thanks for the finishing tips! These are some of the most useful I have seen.

Thanks for the awesome techniques post! I like hems too, but no matter how carefully I sewed them, you could always see them on the outside. Tried your method and it looks perfect!

Wow, you are almost disturbingly cute as Dorothy!

I think those are the most useful picking-up-stitches-for-ribbing tips I've seen! You have just made my life much easier. :)

And the sweater looks great! So does the Dorothy costume.

Your sweater looks beautiful! Thanks for all of your wonderful tips! I'm almost at the sleeves and can't wait to get to the color work.

I learned to sew when I was 12. When I taught myself to knit at 17 (1972), I found it was easy for me also, to finish a sweater. I have never minded that part of knitting either.
Thanks for sharing the tips you have learned in picking up stitches.
Love the Dorothy costume. Had to laugh when you told us how old the other Dorothy's were.
I tried to comment the other day about going at your own pace, but my computer was freezing up on me and wouldn't let me. I was going to say, if you feel like starting the Copenhagen Royal Shawl next week, go for it. Since this is such a huge endeavor, there will be times you will need that extra time that you don't wait around now for. Glad that is what you decided.
The sweater is beautiful.

The book has arrived and I'm passing my much thumbed copy on to my best knitting buddy. Many thanks for choosing my entry.

BTW - My Tuscan Sun Shawl is complete and can be seen on Ravelry where I am nhoran.

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