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February 13, 2010


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You go, Girl! You're racing through this book.

ummm can we see the dress you seem to be hiding under that gorgeous shawl?? (on the dress dummy...it's the seamstress in me coming out haha). For the mittens- if they do come out too big, you can always make fleece lining to fill the bulk...it'd also help your fingers not get tangled in the stranding. And thanks for the inside-out knitting idea. I'm worried about my colorwork being too loose on my NLC now. Actually could've used that idea Friday when I designed and knit a hat for a gift. Next time then right? lol

Hi Mary! I am a totally novice knitter and I just recently discovered your blog after looking at the Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting. I've read through your Archives and had to write and tell you just how much in awe I am of your talent and ability to take on this incredible project. I had to go to my local libary and check out the book just to truly appreciate all the gorgeous projects you plan to knit. I'm not sure I will ever be able to take on any of these, but I will really enjoy reading all about your adventures. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us - you are truly an inspiration!!

Dear Mary, Congratulations and Happy One Year Anniversary on your knitting adventure! I am very honored and happy to be a part of it! Look forward to this next year and hope we meet again. Fondly, Nicky

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