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February 10, 2013


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What an amazing accomplishment (and so speedy too!) Can you even begin to fathom just what you have done? Incredible!! I think your friends, family and fans stand in complete AWE of you!

I have always wanted to attend VK Live and just to see all of this amazing knitting is more than reason to go to Chicago. (It would be especially wonderful if I got to meet you in person, too!) Hopefully, I can get to do it.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us - it really has been so much fun to read about and enjoy your progress with you.

Have a wonderful, safe happy vacation with your sister, too. We will look forward to reading about all of your fun in SF.

Hurrah! Wow, such an accomplishment, and it is clear it has taken you on a journey beyond the pages of the book. The bag is a fitting last project - it is smashing.

Congratulations, Mary! That's amazing. I can't believe how quickly you worked through all those patterns. I have enjoyed following you on your journey and look forward to reading about your upcoming knitting adventures. :)
Have fun in San Francisco.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Mary!

Have a safe & happy trip to SF!

Congratulations to you on your HUGE accomplishment, and I wish you well on your next adventure. Perhaps Mr. Right is waiting for you in S.F.

CONGRATULATIONS! I'll probably catch you at VKL Chicago... right after I hit VKL Seattle! ;)

Whenever a smashing new knitting book is published I always wonder if I could KNIT every item... and the answer is always no way. I fully appreciate your commitment here!

Now get on with your dating!!

Awesome! It's been a fun journey for those of us who have been reading your blog, hope it was just as fun for you! Didn't you mention a show of all the pieces at the MN Textile Center at one time? Would love to see them all.

I remember you writing about the possibility of a show at the MN Textile Center, too. That would be awesome - I'd come to that, too!!
(Hint! Hint! :-))

Congrats Mary, wow all 50 in just 3 years, you rock. I haven't even been able to start one project from my book.

You are an amazing knitter! It has been such fun to follow your journey around the Top of the World.

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